Winners Gallery

littlekez won £2,756 on Secrets of The Pharaohs
“I was so shocked when I saw how much I won, I couldn't believe my eyes! Thank you so much Jackpot Cafe! I am really looking forward to treating my family to a lovely holiday! I recommend this site to anyone, definitely one of the best around. Thanks again x"
preta won £48,777 on Pyramids of Cash
“I am very glad I have won the jackpot, this money will server me well and pay my bills & for a holiday! Thanks Jackpot Café."
mike0658 won £11,000 on Multi-Hand Deuces Wild
“Hi this is me looking for a great holiday thanks jackpot cafe I won 11,000 on multihand deuces wild got the jack pot in all hands."
NotSkintNow won £1,000 on Genie Fortune
“I had to check my balance 3-4 times before I realised just how much I had won. As for spending it, boringly some will go on bills, and a new dryer. Thomas my son wants a war hammer model and my hubby wants a Nexus tablet. With the rest, well somewhere sunny is on the horizon! Thanks again! "
Hippybingo won £1,900 on Slots
“Thank you so much Jackpot Cafe for my win. This will come in very handy as will be booking a holiday and now got spending money to enjoy myself."
Jndy won £1,000 on slots
“Hi I was very lucky winning 1000 pounds on slots an I will be using it on my lovely dogs competing in agility in the UK x"
mike0658 won £2,000 on Multi-Hand Deuces Wild
“I won again 2x £1000 this is a great game deuces wild going to buy bigger tv now."
scottie444 won £1,000 on Enchanted Garden
“I plan on spending it on my sons wedding in august in Switzerland."
miyah2000 won £9,515 on Jackpot Jamboree
“Thank you so much jackpot cafe for my fantastic win. This has now made it possible for me to take my family on a little holiday and much much more! I'm so happy. I want to thank you. All your sites are brilliant and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family."
Hardkaur won £9,000 on African Safari
“Thanks for my win of £9,000 which I won on African Safari. I couldn't believe how much I had won. I just booked a holiday to see my sister in USA. Thank you so much. Xx"
Apolis won £2,000 on Gypsy Queen
“First time I?ve won anything so treating my husband to a new motorbike and going to have a fabulous holiday in Greece. Thank you Jackpot Cafe."
kelly5 won £2,000 on Disco Heat
“I was delighted my daughter is expecting her 3rd baby in a few weeks she is due on the 14th of October and I will be going down to see my grandsons daughter and new baby so the money was a gift just at the right time, and there will be plenty of money spent on them, I thank you very much jackpot cafe what a big lift you gave me thank you so much again x"
gold1276 won £4,000 on Slots
“im so happy right now. things are tight with university and only my hubbys wage so we plan to pay off our credit card and next year we are going to start IVF so the rest is going into our baby fund to buy the things we are going to need. thank you so much jackpot cafe its really much appreciated xx"
peterach01 won £1,045 on Lost City of Atlantis
“I've been playing Jackpot Cafe for a while now with varying success, but was overjoyed when the Lost City of Atlantis spun up 5 Neptune's on a £10 spin. It paid off netting me £1000. Me and my fiancée are getting married next year and as we are planning on saving it all ourselves it was amazing luck and good fortune and thanks to you our dream is closer, i WILL be back spinning sooon."
Amandared won £1,200 on Slots
“Thank you jackpot cafe for my fab win. Going on my hols in 5 weeks and it will be a fantastic addition to my shopping funds! Many thanks again amandared"
Sarinauk won £2,000.00 on Galaxy of Riches
“hi its sarnauk... firstly thank you on my win... wot can I say? I'm still shocked but loving the thought of spending it on my family and having some fun with it... I love Jackpot Cafe and everybody should have a jackpot cafe in their living room... luvs ya lots bingo bots :)"
markslady01 won £4,030.00 on Spinning Spurs
“hi there ty Jackpot Cafe for my won of 4,030.00 pound on spinning spurs it was truly amazing to win that amount, i plan to spend this on some bills and a well earned holiday for myself and my 3 grandsons who live with me. its true you can win big at jackpot cafe tyvm again cafe."
JIMBOB1955 won £1,612 on Bingo
“I intend to take my wife on holiday to Whitley Bay Caravan Park for a week which we could not afford to do this year. Yours faithfully, JIMBOB1955"
davinab won £1,508.00 on Pyramids of Cash
“I was totally shocked. I will be spending the cash on new carpets and decorating my house. We are also due to go away on holiday so it has given us a little extra spending money. Thank you again xx"
Mike0658 won £5,000 on Multi-hand Blackjack
“I will be giving my brother £1000 and buying a car with some of it and coming back with what I have left to Jackpot Cafe thanks mike"
director won £1,529.50 on Enchanted Garden
“Jackpot cafe and the team that run it have to be the nicest people i have ever spoken or dealt with. i will be using the money i won towards a wee treat for all the family as everyone has been so supportive. thanks Jackpot Cafe and see you in the rooms soon. Ian xx"
hippys01 won £1,975.00 on Genie Fortune
“I was in the Rumba Room having bought tickets with my last £2.50 when I won the last house game of £76.00. I decided to try my luck on the slots and was playing on Genie Fortune when I got 4 reels of wilds and the screen flashed up that I had won over £2,000. I like others didn't think I could win that amount so I was totally shocked and couldn't believe it. Having just started a new job this will help buy some new work clothes and a treat for the family. Thank you a site where you can actually win big on! Again thank you for my win."
PrettyPrincesx won £ 4,548.00 on Jungle Fever
“OMG..... I can not belive i won big!!! I was feelin a lil down when i logged into Jackpot Cafe, Thought whats the point i wont win anythin!! Then i decided i'd have a go on Jungle fever.... A game i dont normally play! I started to get some really good wins.. but they didnt prepare me for winning almost £5000 in one single spin!!! I was speachless!! I have six children so finding things to spend it on wont be a problem!! Thank you Jackpot Cafe......You've made me & my family very happy...Thanks again.... PrettyPrincesx"
Mj2011x won £4,995.31 on Pyramids of Cash
“Thank you so much could not believe it I'm so happy wow awesome I am over the moon xxx"
cazbingo1 won £1,278.00 on Jungle Fever
“Thank you for the win me and my hubby are putting the money towards a new car."

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