VIP Perks

Become a VIP Captain at Jackpot Cafe

Step on board our luxury Liner as a VIP and enjoy all the perks available. At Jackpot Cafe we appreciate what a VIP brings to our casino and we want to you to feel that appreciation.

Different speech bubble colours and avatars is just the beginning. Technical support and immediate assistance from Management are provided for the perfect gaming experience.

Jackpot Cafe is the place where you can just log in, kick back and relax away from the stress of the world. We want you to feel totally welcome during your visits.

Not only will you get cash bonuses randomly during the month, but you can also take part in the exclusive VIP promotions. VIP Treasure Island is a weekly competition where our VIPs get points for any of the games they play! The top 3 VIPs of this promotion receive lovely cash prizes!

Check out the exclusive VIP offers:

  1. 1. 40% Back on all purchases!
  2. 2. Random cash bonuses during the month
  3. 3. Birthday and Christmas presents
  4. 4. Random loyalty gifts throughout the year
  5. 5. Weekly VIP Tourney - VIP Treasure Island
  6. 6. Management support by Bianca -

You could be enjoying these amazing perks!

Would you like to become part of our exclusive VIP Club?

Players will be awarded VIP status based on the following:

  1. 1. Deposits
  2. 2. Wagering
  3. 3. Time spent in the site
  4. 4. Feedback from the CMs
  5. 5. Sending in your identification documents

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