• When you enter the site you will find yourself standing in the Bingo Liner main lobby.
• You will see yourself standing in the main lobby as an avatar.
• To see which avatar you are – mouse of the characters and your login name will be displayed
• You have a menu bar at the very bottom of the screen that will enable you to do change your avatar to male or female as well as the colour of your clothing. Click on options and my personality and move the slider up and down to change.
• To make a purchase simply click on the ‘CASHIER’ button, this is located in the left hand corner at the bottom of your screen.
• The menu bar also allows you to change your password, view account information, invite a friend or go to live help.
• Just above that menu bar you will see your account balance. There are two different balances. The $ symbol represents how much real money you have in your account and the BB symbol represents how many bingo bucks you have in your account.
• To the right of your account balance you have a chat bar – which in indicated by ‘talk’. Here you are able to chat to players in the lobby. Should you wish to chat to the host that is seated behind the bar – double click on him / her and they will gladly assist with any questions or queries you may have.
• To the right of the chat bar you are able to, view chat history, choose different emoticons and mute the sound.
• To navigate your way around the lobby, click your destination and your avatar will take you to the selected position.
• To play games, click on the door at the top of the stairs. This will take you to the Games Menu.

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