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It was not long ago when bingo was a game played in halls and people used to daub the numbers manually on a ticket. The game is still played in a similar manner but the brick and mortar halls have been replaced by online rooms. In most cases, manual daubing has been replaced with auto dabbing. With the growing popularity of online bingo, different variants of the game have emerged and some of them have been discussed below.

The two traditional formats are still the most popular versions. But there have been various new formats that have gained popularity in the recent times. One such variant is the 30-ball version, which is played using a 3 x 3 card. The game is a lot faster than the traditional variants as only 30 numbers are called out. Pre-called bingo is another popular variant where certain numbers are called out before the game is started. The tickets for this variant are also different as the numbers called before the game are already marked out.

Some of the variants like 80-ball and 75-ball present the player with an opportunity to make patterns on the ticket. One of the simplest patterns  is to fill up all the numbers in one horizontal line. In 75-ball bingo, this is easier to do as there is a star in the middle of the row. You can also make a straight line filling up all the numbers in a column. However, this is not applicable in the 90 ball version. Another way of winning is by filling up all the diagonal squares. But, you must remember that the biggest jackpot is always for filling up an entire ticket.

As mentioned above, 75-ball and 80-ball bingo allow the player to make patterns. Some games start with the aim of making a pattern, with the first person to complete the pattern winning the jackpot. The patterns can range from  simple squares that can be marked by filling four adjacent blocks or can be as complicated as making a hangman. One such popular pattern is called the postage stamp. In this patter the player has to make two squares by marking four numbers in two corners of the ticket.

Online bingo has also been influenced by its casino counterparts and has successfully used the concept of progressive jackpots. So when a game goes without anyone winning the jackpot, the prize money is transferred to the next game. You also have bonus bingo games, which are played with combination games. Usually, you have to give an extra fee for taking part in the bonus game. For players who want to play a slow paced game that builds towards an end, blackout bingo is the best option. In this, you have to mark all the squares to win the game, and that can take quite some time.

As you can see, online bingo caters to everyone. Whether you like a fast paced game, a game with a big jackpot, or a game that builds slowly, you will find a variant that suits your needs. Just find a good online room here at Jackpot Café – where you can play with no deposit down, practice the games and you are ready to play whichever variant you like.

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