Why don't blokes like Bingo??

I was involved in yet another philosophical debate the other evening with bingo Callers and players alike as to who has tried and rejected our great game of Bingo? And why? I thought that this might lead us to a path whereby we can tempt people back to the game (not that the game is short of fans!)

But first here’s a typical Q & A from the online Bingo site fraternity:

Q: “I’m a bloke, why should I play bingo?!
A: “Bingo may seem a bit girly but it’s actually pretty fun. Have it running while playing the manly slots or chat to the ladies playing bingo!  It’s up to you… (but please be a gentleman!).”

Well as a male, I enjoyed Bingo right from the off, when my parents took me to live (land based) Bingo, long before the Internet and online Bingo had been invented. But it’s a fact that the majority of players world-wide are women. So is there a “Bingo is for cissies anti-bloke thing?

From our discussion, which later involved some other male non-Bingo players, the root issue seemed to be competitiveness and a dash of machismo. It seemed that while a bloke doesn’t mind gambling and losing, he wouldn’t want to be subject totally to the whims and vagaries of Lady Luck. If he’s going to lose (or indeed win) he wants it to be because of some personal input of skill, experience or knowledge. It doesn’t have to be 100% skill as in Chess, or possibly even snooker, but without some edge or input that a bloke can look back on and say “I won/lost because I did x” it seems many blokes aren’t interested.

Of course there is some skill in the choice of online site, how many cards you buy and which Bingo games you play, but that doesn’t seem to hack it with many blokes. The universal cry from many blokes is that without a skill element the game is pure chance and therefore boring. All I can say is that I’ve played some Poker games both online and live with friends, and been so bored that I wish I had a side game of Bingo going on!

Another reason given why few blokes play Bingo online is that they consider the chat room conversations inane and lacking in substance and passion. Excuse me! That just shows that blokes have generally failed to engage in chat room banter. It takes two (or more) to tango, so why not get in there and make some comments- you’ll be surprised at the quality and variety of conversation!  Indeed, I’ve seen so much passion in some chat rooms, that the poor moderator has had his/her work cut out trying to keep things on an even keel!

Finally, a message to blokes who may now be thinking about taking the Bingo plunge. If you’re a bloke who likes the opposite sex, then in Bingo there’s a lot more women there then men… so isn’t that an ideal environment to try on your verbal moves and charms? And also have a chance of winning some money to meet up and take a lady out for a slap-up meal??

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