Online Bingo in the UK at Jackpot Cafe

Bingo has come a long way.  It was first played in Europe during the 19th century and it involved a person drawing out small wooden chips, which had numbers between 1 and 90 engraved on them. However, it was not till the mid 20thtcentury that the game gained a commercial appeal in the UK. Now, with internet being accessible even from mobile phones, the number of people playing the game in the UK has crossed the 3 million mark.

In UK-based rooms on sites such as ours at Jackpot Cafe, you will find that the 90-ball bingo is the most widely played variant. The ticket for a 90-ball bingo has three rows and 9 columns, with 5 numbers in each column. There are three parts to the game, where the first part involves marking out numbers from an entire row, the second part involves marking out 2 complete rows and the last part is marking out all the numbers on the card. When you mark all the numbers, it is referred to as a full house. The person who wins the full house can also get the jackpot.

Here at Jackpot Cafe, you get a chance to win a small cash amount or goodies with these games, but you need to make a deposit to play in rooms with bigger prizes. Also, sites have  started offering no-deposit bonuses. This tactic is mainly targeted towards new players who are afraid of losing their own money in the beginning.

The bonus you can get here is usually in percentage of the deposit you make. So if a site offers you a 50% deposit bonus, then depositing £100 will give you a bonus of £50. However, you have to fulfil certain requirements for redeeming the bonus. So make sure you read the info about how the bonuses work.

We also have public chat rooms which are operated by moderators. The moderators keep introducing various mini-games to keep the atmosphere lively. This really helps in providing a social networking feel to the game. In fact, on your visit to some of these chat rooms at Jackpot Cafe, you will find players who know each other pretty well.  Our site, along with online bingo in general has grown a lot in the last few years, so why not start playing today?

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