How To Play No-Deposit Bingo At Jackpot Cafe

Imagine playing bingo for free and then getting real cash if you win. It may seem too good to be true to some of you, but that is the concept behind a no-deposit bonus here at Jackpot Cafe. Online bingo rooms have always been trying to offer better promotions to lure more players. The no-deposit bonus is a result of this intense competition. Whether it is a new site trying to garner new players, or an old and established site trying to retain its player base, all of them have started offering a no-deposit bonus.

A no-deposit bonus allows a player to buy tickets, daub cards, join bingo rooms, and collect all their winnings in the form of goodies or cash without risking a single penny.  Essentially, the sites allow players to bet money without depositing any money into their account. Most of the sites offering this bonus restrict it to new players, only as a part of the welcome bonus. There are different conditions imposed by sites along with the bonus, violation of which can lead to all your bonus amount and winnings being made null and void.

As mentioned above, the main aim of a no-deposit promotion is to attract new players. When a new player joins a bingo room for the first time, they may be afraid of losing money. Also, there are existing members in the room who have a much better idea of how the game operates and have better strategies to increase their winnings. Sites like ours use the no-deposit bonus to provide an incentive to players and to level the playing field. And of course, we’d love to have you on board for the long term too.

With most of the bingo rooms, you have to use a particular promotion code to obtain the no-deposit bonus. Sites like ours provide the no-deposit bonus in various forms. Could be up to 20 pounds, which may not sound much, but remember that you win this amount without depositing anything. Usually, the bonus amount and the winnings from this amount are kept in a special bonus account and players are not allowed to withdraw this amount. However, they can purchase tickets using the bonus amount.

Irrespective of the form of no deposit bonus offered, there is almost always a wagering requirement present, whether on Jackpot Cafe or any other online bingo site. Usually, the player has to bet a certain amount of money. Once the required amount has been wagered, the players get access to all the cash in their account. Find out more at Jackpot Cafe and get started today with no deposit down.

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