Bingo Online - Which site is right for me?

Whether you’ve played bingo “live” before at a Bingo Hall or Club, or are totally new to the game, you should be seriously considering playing online Bingo.

It’s easy to get into, you can spend as much or as little as you want, play whenever suits you, and meet lots of other players in the Chat Rooms. But for those new to online Bingo there are a bewildering number of Bingo sites all vying for your attention. How do I choose the best one I hear you ask?

Well the sites are as individual as the players. If you have a work colleague or friend who plays online Bingo, ask them what site they like best and why, and you’ll begin to build up a picture of who is offering what out there in online Bingo-land! Most sites have an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page where you should find the answers to most if not all of your questions.

But ultimately the choice is yours. So get a bit of scratch paper and make a note of the things you think you may be looking for, before you go visiting the sites. That way you’ll remain focused on what you want, rather than be swayed by sites telling you what you want!

Do you want to play just Bingo or do you want a site where there are other games as well as Bingo? If you’re starting out, then choose a site where there is a basic or beginners version of online Bingo so you can get used to the rules. For most sites, including ones like Jackpot Cafe, you can register and play for free, so you can relax and know that it’s not costing you anything. You may want to choose a site where the graphics are not too fussy and confusing. Or perhaps one where you can enlarge the text if, like me, your eyesight isn’t what it used to be! Jackpot Cafe uses a 3D type card display which I find easy on the old peepers!

Do you want to play big? That means putting more stake money down, and going for the mega-bucks. And I do mean big winnings if you are lucky enough to win!

Do you want to go for best value (I guess that would be most of us!) in which case check out the joining promotional offers? These can make a relatively small deposit of stake money go a long way.  And once you’ve joined, are there additional offers for when you add additional deposits (“reload”)?

Do want to actively take part in the game by marking your own Bingo card, or do you want to use a feature, available on most sites, where your card numbers are automatically marked off when a number is called? This is known as autodaub.

Are you interested in the social side of Bingo?  Look for a site where there are lively and informative chat rooms.

So, start making your wish list now- and then cruise the sites to see the best match for you!

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