Bingo Christmas Fancy Dress

My local bingo Hall is having a Christmas Fancy Dress event again this year. Hurrah! While Bingo is a great game, both online and live/land-based, I do like it when a touch of chrome or sparkle is added to make it even more enjoyable!

The theme last year was Santa's grotto, and the Bingo Hall was decorated to the hilt with fake snow, Christmas trees (real ones- seemed like someone had shares in a Norwegian Pine forest!) and fake presents. I had the idea that the presents scattered around the hall would have numbers on them: 1-90 of course. The management then put various small prizes in the boxes. These ranged from a set of daubers for the Bingo cards to a bottle of champers. The idea here was that the last number called that won a game, be it a line, two lines, or a full house, the winner also got to open the box with that number on it. If the box had already been opened because the number had been previously called... you got nothing! Surprisingly, there almost seemed more excitement about rushing round the edge of the hall to get to open the right box than there was in collecting the usual Bingo Prize Money.

So what about the fancy dress? Well all the callers and employees wore costumes, but very few of the players did. There were lots of Sexy Santas, Jolly Santas, Elves, and even a Reindeer. Most players I spoke to said that they couldn't be bothered to dress up and then use public transport to get to the Bingo Hall. They would have done it in their youth, but not in their 50's! That was a shame, but this year they are planning something a little different. There will be one free game for all those in fancy dress, and those who don't want to travel in costume, can hire it and have it delivered to the Hall, for them to dress into it when they arrive.

They decided just to have a general Winter/Christmas theme to allow people to have maximum choice in deciding their outfits. I haven't yet decided what I'm going to wear. I have seen a "Bad Santa" outfit that looks like a sort of evil zombie Father Christmas...I quite fancy that one! LoL! Let's just hope it doesn't snow on the Bingo Fancy Dress Event day- that would be a disaster!

If you're planning to go out to go out to a Bingo event this Christmas, have fun- and good luck of course!

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