2nd Shot Bingo


Current Time 05:03 GMT

Feeling a bit unlucky in the bingo rooms?
Hopefully 2nd shot bingo will turn your luck around!

How to qualify for 2nd Shot Bingo?
Every Sunday, we will host 1 hour of free bingo games for players that hit an unlucky streak during the previous week (Monday-Sunday) in bingo. Up to 300 players, with the lowest winning % for the previous week Monday to Sunday, will be invited to participate in the hour of £20 free games.
Selected players will be emailed each Wednesday, with an invitation to the free games for the following Sunday.

When does 2nd Shot Bingo play?
• Date and Time: Every Sunday, 3pm GMT
• Room: The Terrace

Players that are eligible for 2nd shot bingo will be notified via email each week. Should you have any queries, please contact info@jackpotcafe.co.uk or contact our 24/7 live support team.
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